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Stepping away for a bit

Jun 14, 2009 at 2:19 AM
Hi guys,

I'd might as well make this official. I'm stepping away from MOSA for a
bit. And I'll probably be closing down the Ensemble mailing list, until
I can re-evaluate the OS's goals. The past few months I've been trying
to piece together different pieces of a runtime and, surprise surprise,
just can never find enough time in a big enough block to really code.
Most times that I sit down at the computer, I take half the time trying
to remember what I wanted to fix or add where.

I'm sure you're not surprised by this, seeing as how I've been
nonexistent. But I thought I'd toss it out just to clear any doubt.

Since most of you are also on the Ensemble mailing list, expect an
equivalent mail over there in a little bit. Ensemble's not being shut
down. Just in cold hibernation until I can see what goals are to be
added, removed, whatever. Most likely I'll take it back to being a
"hosted environment user space OS" of sorts, running on top of Mono/.Net
depending on the platform, until I can wrap my head around more of the
compiler and runtime internals needed to contribute to MOSA.

Take care guys, and good luck. I'll be around.

Jun 14, 2009 at 4:31 AM

Well, we're sad to see you "go" - but the way things have petered out in the C# OS community, I can personally definitely understand.

Feel free to drop by when you are feeling "spunky" in the C# OS department. We could always use a good word.