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Continue being "just" a framework?

Jul 26, 2009 at 5:16 AM
Hey folks:

Wish I could have been at the meeting today, but I've read through the log and I would like to put my own 2 cents into one of the discussion items.

Consider the following points about "SharpOS":
  • it broke the ground on the open-source managed OS issue
  • it is defunct from the combined lack of a well-designed compiler/runtime or someone to "rewrite" the existing one
  • it has gotten alot of attention from the community and still does despite it being defunct
  • has had code submissions from most of the people reading this e-mail
  • managerially is pretty well joined at the hip with MOSA, as far as votes and titles go
  • code serves as little more than a reference point for what was done, and would not be relevant to any kind of MOSA-compliant rewrite
  • with new code could have new licensing
  • has nothing wrong with its name!     ;-)
I am strongly favored in any "OS" component of "MOSA" simply being SharpOS, just because of the focal point it gives to the community. Right now SharpOS is just a husk of a project that people stop by and check up on - and since so many of us made stops (be they long or short) at SharpOS on the way to starting/contributing to MOSA, I think it is only fair to ask that it be the direction you consider heading back into for an actual OS.

As it stands, the management of the two projects are nearly the same, with what I think are appropriate differences - but I think every single bit of MOSA's synthetic and hypothetical kernel code could have a good home at SharpOS, even though the MOSA compiler has a ways to go before some of it will be useful. svn:externals could even be used to keep the two repositories connected in a relevant way.

Let me know your thoughts...

-Bruce Markham
 aka "illuminus"