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Create Boot Image Tool

The "CreateBootImage" tool is used to create bootable disk images containing the MOSA kernel.

The tool accepts two command line options:

CreateBootImage.exe <configuration file> <destination image file>

Below is sample configuration file:


The configuration file is a list of options, one per line, with arguments seperated by a tab. The following options are supported:

option Arguments Description
-volume Volume Name Set the volume name for the first partition
-blocks # of Blocks Set the number of 512-byte blocks
-fat12 Use FAT12 file system
-fat16 Use FAT16 file system
-fat32 Use FAT32 file system (untested)
-vhd Create image in VHD (Virtual PC/Virtual Server) format
-vdi Create image in VDI (VirtualBox) format
-img Create image in IMG format
-syslinux Patch disk image for syslinux
-mbr Filename Use file for Master Boot Record
-boot Filename Use file for Boot Record
-file Filename, Destination Include file in file system

The tool can create disk images for the following emulators:

Emulator File Format
Virtual PC 2004/2007 .VHD
Virtual Server .VHD
VMware .VHD
VirtualBox .VDI
Raw Image .IMG

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