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MOSA Framework

MOSA stands for the Managed Operating System Alliance. This framework is the result of the ongoing work of MOSA members, which specify kernel interfaces, develop default implementations of these kernel interfaces and who spend their free time to build an advanced platform for managed operating systems. More general questions are answered in our FAQ.


MOSA provides a highly modular architecture in order to foster contributions and reuse. To achieve these goals, the architecture frequently uses interfaces to connect independent parts of an operating system together. For example all kernel services are specified by interfaces - we do not specify or force certain implementations. An operating system based on MOSA can choose to implement these kernel services differently. These interfaces are documented in the MOSA Architecture section, various Mosa specifications and other wiki pages.

Components of the MOSA framework

The MOSA framework consists of many independent components, whose interfaces are described in specifications. The components described below are part of the MOSA framework right now.

MOSA Compiler Framework

The MOSA Compiler Framework provides an highly modular, reusable and extensible compiler framework useable to create JIT and AOT compilers for CIL with varying optimization levels easily.

MOSA Device Drivers Framework

The MOSA Device Drivers Framework is a framework to develop modular, layered device drivers. It is a subproject of the MOSA Framework.

MOSA Kernel

The MOSA Kernel component holds the interface definitions for specifications published as part of the MOSA effort. These interfaces allow for the highly modular approach of MOSA. All components depend on these interfaces and these interfaces are the only means to communicate with other components.

MOSA Runtime

The MOSA Runtime component aims to provide an implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure. It includes the virtual execution system (VES), metadata support, the common type system and garbage collection algorithms.

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