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The Mosa.EmulatedDevices namespace contains classes which implement emulated and synthetic devices for the Mosa.Emulator application.

The following is a list of emulated and synthetic devices:

Type Interface Device Description
Emulated IHardwareDevice CMOS Emulates a CMOS chip.
Emulated IHardwareDevice IDEController Emulates a IDE Controller.
Emulated IHardwareDevice PCIController Emulates a PCI Controller.
Emulated IHardwareDevice VGAText Emulates a standard VGA chipset.
Synthetic IKeyboard Keyboard Represents a keyboard.
Synthetic IDiskDevice DiskDevice Represents a file as a disk device.
Synthetic IDiskDevice RamDisk Represents memory as a disk device.
Synthetic IPixelGraphicsDevice PixelGraphicDevice Represents a graphics device.

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