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The Mosa.EmulatedKernel namespace contains classes which implement the the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for the the Mosa.Emulator application. The namespace also includes various classes and interfaces to support the emulated framework.

Here's a short description of the classes and interfaces in the namespace:

Type Name Description
Class HardwareAbstraction Implements the HAL interface.
Interface IHardwareDevice Interface for an emulated hardware device.
Interface IIOPortDevice Interface for an emulated hardware device that responses to IO port access.
Class PCIDevice Base class for a PCI hardware device.
Class PCIBus Container for emulated PCI devices (used by an emulated PCI Controller).
Class IOPort Implements an IO port for the emulated environment (used by Drivers).
Class Memory Implements the IMemory interface for the emulated environment.
Static Class IOPortDispatch Dispatcher for IO port access to emulated devices.
Static Class MemoryDispatch Dispatcher for Memory access to emulated devices.
Class IOPortHandler Links emulated devices and IO port access.
Class MemoryHandler Links emulated devices and memory access.
Static Class PortRange Helper class.

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