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Newsletter 1


My name is Michael Ruck, also known as "grover". I'm one of the founders of the MOSA effort and am pleased to bring you this newsletter, which will hopefully be published more regularly in the future.

MOSA Project

The Managed Operating System Alliance (MOSA) Framework is a set of compiler tools and libraries, such as a just-in-time compiler, for managed operating systems based on the Common Intermediate Language.

We have created a project website at The website provides various services to manage the MOSA project, holds specifications, wiki descriptions and bug trackers. MOSA now has its own SVN server at svn:// and mailing lists. We also have setup an IRC channel #mosa on the FreeNode network for quick chats around MOSA topics.

UPDATE: The MOSA Project has moved to CodePlex.

MOSA Compiler

The MOSA compiler has been progressing quickly due to the help of MOSA developer rootnode and is close to reaching its first milestone. The compiler already passes 31 individual tests combined into 12 test cases.

The x86 backend already supports features a lot of features, such as basic integral and floating point arithmetics (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication), logical operations (And, Or, Not, Xor), shifting operators, static method calls, branch operations, load and store instructions. The planned feature list for the first compiler milestone is available in the Release 0.0.1 documentation.

The compiler framework provides several optimization stages, such as Single Static Assignment, Constant Propagation and Constant Folding. We are working on some more optimization algorithms, including a simple register allocator for the first milestone.

MOSA Kernel

The MOSA Kernel Project has opened its doors to facilitate better specification development. The purpose of the kernel project is not aimed to provide another managed open source kernel, but to foster managed operating system development as a whole by defining common interfaces and providing default implementations of these interfaces. This enables other open source projects to reuse our components to create their operating system. We strongly ask all interested projects to contribute to this project to ensure interoperability.

MOSA Devices

In an effort to reduce duplicate device driver development between various managed OS projects, the MOSA project also proposes a common driver model framework and driver implementations for common hardware devices. Device drivers may only use safe code to help ensure stability of the entire system.

Job Positions

The MOSA Team is seeking new developers interested in standardized interfaces for managed operating systems, creative people for artwork, documentation and process management. We also seek an Editor for the next newsletters.

Final Notes

This is the last newsletter to be sent out on the managed operating system mailing lists. In future we will only send out MOSA news on the MOSA Announcement Mailing List.

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