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Transformation stages transform the representation of instructions from one form to another. Transformation stages are ussually provided by specific frontends or backends of the compiler framework.

Available Transformation Stages

There are several transformation stages available in the compiler framework:
  • CilToIrTransformationStage - Transforms high-level IL to the IR used by the compiler framework internally.
  • TwoAddressCodeConversionStage - Transforms IR operations from a three-address form into a two-address form for architectures only supporting two operands on instructions.
  • IrToX86TransformationStage - Transforms IR operations closer to hardware for x86 instruction sets. This actually uses instruction selection algorithms to determine the right x86 instruction to replace IR instructions.
  • EnterSSA - Transforms basic blocks into SSA format
  • LeaveSSA - Transforms basic blocks back out of SSA format

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